Wednesday, 20 August 2014

DIY Fashion Notebooks


It's that time of year where everyone is getting ready to go back to (or even start) school, uni or college. 

I always tend to go out and buy a ton of stationery that I don't always need and part of this is notebooks! When you're going to be carrying around these notebooks for a whole year you're going to want them to look nice without spending a fortune. 

So here's my quick DIY! All I did was cut out a picture from my ASOS magazine and glue it to the front cover of my old notepad. 

I chose a fashion picture but you could also use anything you find in a magazine or even print one off! You could also create a collage of pictures you like if you're feeling creative. 

I finished mine off with a label and it's ready for use come this September! 

Hope this helped all you cheapskates out there! Let me know what you'd want to decorate your notepad with via twitter or by commenting below. 

Until next time,