Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Favourite Ways to Stay Fit

Staying fit can often be harder than it's made out to be. Finding the time, the place and the money can sometimes be a struggle. Gyms can become tedious and boring and often the pumped up men in the weights rooms can make you feel out of place.

As of last year I decided not to carry on my gym membership. It cost too much money and I just felt I didn't get as much use out of it as I would of liked. But that doesn't mean I don't want to stay fit! There are still plenty of free and enjoyable things I like to do to stay in shape.

1) Walking
A lot of people undermine walking. Because you're not sweating or struggling doesn't mean you're not having a positive effect on your body. I really enjoy walking! I could happily walk for hours with a friend especially now that it's summer time.

2) Yoga
Yoga is one of those things where you either get it or you don't. Personally I really enjoy it. It helps me to feel more flexible, in shape and its extremely relaxing!

3) Online Workouts
I love following along with fitness videos and online so many of them are free! For me a video will push me to do more than if I was doing it by myself as well as providing me with direction and variety. My favourite online workouts are the ones from Tone It Up.

This summer I really want to try out some other ways of staying fit. My aim is to start running and to get back into netball and badminton in time for uni next year.

What are your favourite ways to stay fit? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,