Friday, 3 October 2014

The Back of the Wardrobe

When I was thinking about going back to uni it meant I had to think about what clothes I wanted to take with me. The great thing about this is that you really have to go through your wardrobe and see what you want to take and what you don't even want at all, ever. 

My style has changed a lot over recent years and I've found a lot of clothes which I feel maybe aren't just me anymore. However sometimes I think it's just about rethinking how you style things. 

2 years ago when I bought this camoflage jacket I would of worn it with shorts, tights, some sort of dark coloured t-shirt and my creepers. 

I don't dress this way anymore. Not that I regret it it's just I'm 19 now and it doesn't quite feel the same. However I'm thinking this year with jeans, a nice jumper/top and a hair bun and I've got a great casual going to uni outfit. 

Sometimes it's just about letting your wardrobe grow with you rather than just throwing it out. 

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Until next time,