Monday, 20 May 2013

Top 5 Festival Must Haves!

1) Rain Mac - If you live in England like me, then the weather could be unpredictable and the weather probably won't be all that great! I found this nice pink one from ASOS

2) Tie-Dye Shirt - One of the things I definitely would want to take to festivals this summer is a Tie-Dye shirt. I found this one on Misguided however you could very easily make some t-shirts yourself, there's plenty of videos on YouTube showing you how

3) Denim Shorts - Mattering on the weather of where you're going you're probably going to want some denim shorts. I found these acid wash ones from the urban renewal section at Urban Outfitters

4) Wellies - The ground could be wet and muddy therefore waterproof shoes are essential. These ones from Topshop are cute but still relatively cheap!

5) Floral Headband - Even if it's not sunny you'll still probably want something summery to wear. This Flower Garland from Accessorize is perfect for people like me in that you tie it yourself at the back meaning that if you've got big hair/head (like me) then you can adjust it to fit.