Monday, 23 March 2015

Getting Back Into Fitness

Pictures taken from Pinterest
So recently I've been reminiscing about my fitness days and I miss being fit. Being fit has a lot of benefits to it, the important ones being how confident and healthy it makes you feel. You want to wear anything, do anything, be anything, because you feel like you can.
Fitness and exercise also helped me with a number of other things:
  • It helped me to establish a routine in my life and become more organised.
  • After exercising I was able to focus better on studies.
  • My skin got a lot better! (Possibly due to the large amounts of water I was drinking)
  • I slept easier at night.
So currently I'm trying to motivate myself to get back into fitness! I've set up a pinterest board called Healthy Inspiration to help inspire me and anyone else who wants to be more fit and healthy.
Are you into fitness? What is your key fitness tips and tricks you recommend?
Until next time,