Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Vogue's Fashion Night Out Experience

In Selfridges
Waiting for the Kate Phelan Talk
VV Brown doing her DJ Set at River Island
Vogue Fashion Night Out was presented to me as the ultimate night for anyone interested in fashion: The chance to meet and hear from insiders, designers and bloggers alike.
I didn't really know what to expect from the evening having never been before but I am really glad I went.  
The highlight of the evening for me was definitely going to the Kate Phelan talk. She is probably one of the most inspirational people in fashion I have ever met. Labelling the talk as one on trends was probably an inaccurate description. In fact Kate's whole talk seemed to revolve around the idea of NOT mindlessly following trends and being your own individual. She also talked about fashion in Britain as effortless in a way that other countries can't seem to compete with. Honestly by the time I left Topshop I was reminded of the reasons why I decided I wanted to become part of the fashion industry. 
The rest of the evening I spent mostly between Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, both of which were extremely busy. However my only criticism of the event was that (as far as I was aware of) there was no timetable/agenda giving people an idea of what was happening where and when. Towards the end I felt myself wandering around aimlessly unsure of where to go.
Despite this I still had an amazing time and I'm so glad I went and I'm looking forward to going next year.
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