Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Parlez-vous français?

Until recently if someone had asked me if I could speak French the answer would of been no. In fact I knew just about enough to know what the question meant but I would of struggled to answer it. However recently I've decided to start learning French which coincides with one of my dreams to visit Paris.
Paris just sounds like such a beautiful city and as a fashion student I'm sure I can justify a trip there at some point in my life. With learning French I'm not expecting to be fluent or it to come as naturally to me as speaking English... or breathing. However I would like to be able to understand people and speak basic phrases for when I do visit.
Obviously I'm a student and I didn't really want to spend money on night classes or expensive computer programmes. Instead I discovered Duolingo.
Duolingo is a browser website and android app which enables you to learn the sort of European languages you might of been offered at school. It's similar to Rosetta Stone without the price tag as all you need to do is register. Duolingo takes you through lessons and then reminds you to repeat them when your ability to recall them seems to be weakening. I would highly recommend this app for anyone looking to start learning a language such as French, Spanish or Portuguese.
Please let me know you think about learning another language and also if you've been to Paris please feel free to tell me what it's like or link me to any blog posts on your visit.
Until next time,