Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Favourite Healthy Foods

Picture taken from Tumblr

This year I have desperately been trying to be more healthy and an important factor in this has been the way I've been eating.

I know some people can really struggle to eat healthily and resist the temptation of chocolate, crisps and takeaways.  But personally I've found that the best way to eat healthier is to find healthy foods you actually like. Don't force yourself to eat food that you hate the taste of because it won't last and eventually you'll find yourself returning to your old eating habits.

So I've decided to compile a list of healthier foods that I personally love eating! Please note that not all of these are amazingly good for you super foods. But they're all healthier options which you may choose to incorporate into your diet.

1) Wholemeal anything!
This includes pasta, bread, rice etc. There are various health benefits associated with whole grains which make them a healthier option.

2) Green Tea and Chamomile Tea
This may seem like an odd one but herbal teas often have many benefits! For example green tea is believed to aid with fat loss and improve your general health.  Also I personally find that having a cup of tea in my hands stops me from boredom eating when I'm not actually hungry.

3) Wraps
A wrap for me makes a great substantial snack or lunch. They're quick, convenient and can be filled with loads of salad, vegetables and protein.

4) Greek Yoghurt
I love Greek yoghurt! It's one of my favourite snacks and breakfasts. A nice big serving of Greek yoghurt topped with honey helps me with my sugar cravings as well as being filling. Having a pot of this in the fridge is great and again its super quick to make.

5) Peanut Butter
I have a slight addiction to peanut butter mainly because I used it to resolve my sugar cravings. A couple of years back I used to get really bad sugar cravings and to try and stop them I used to eat loads of peanut butter. Except now I get peanut butter cravings! The only problem with peanut butter is that some brands fill them with sugar and salt to make them taste better so I always make sure to read the ingredients.

6) Porridge / Oats
This is another one of my favourite breakfasts (and occasionally snacks). I just find porridge to be extremely filling and I love finding things to top it with. My two favourites are honey and occasionally cinnamon and brown sugar.