Tuesday, 26 August 2014

For a Rainy Day

It's August in the uk so obviously it's raining right now. For any of you out there  with curly hair you know that rain and curls aren't huge fans of each other. In fact rain + curls = this huge frizzed up damp mess of mad hatter tea party hair. 

So in the space of five minutes I created this twisted up do! The twists nicely framed my face with a similar effect of a halo braid but just lazier. And then it all formed at the back to make a twisted bun. 

The benefit of this was that as soon as I arrived at work I was able to untwist my hair and hardly any of it was hit by the rain therefore saving my curls! 

I will definitely be using this style again. I'm thinking going to uni, lazy days or even just in more bad weather! I could probably even dress it up if I was going out for dinner etc by making it neater and adding some big dangly earrings. 

How do you survive those rainy days?! Or maybe you don't have to?! Let me know by commenting below or via twitter. 

P.s you know it's rainy when i get my wellies from Reading 2013 out... That and I loved wearing them again! 

Until next time,