Friday, 24 October 2014

Packing for a Weekend Away

Original picture taken from Pinterest

A weekend away can be a wonderful thing. I'm a big fan of little breaks every now and then: staying with a friend in a new city, trying somewhere new, or even escaping to the countryside. Packing for a weekend away can seem difficult (so much stuff, such a small bag) so here are my tips for making sure you'll have everything you need:

1. Own a weekend bag/suitcase. So you have you're regular day bag and you have your massive suitcase. What you really need is that bag in the middle. Just remember you're going to need to carry it throughout the day.

2. Collect samples. Retailers and brands are constantly given out free samples in store or through magazines. Keep collecting! Trust me, by the end of it you'll have everything in perfect sample size from body wash to conditioners to facial moisturisers.

3. Keep outfits simple. You're only going for a few days. As tempting as it is you really don't need 15 different outfit combinations. My suggestion would be to keep it extremely simple and make sure you bring staple pieces which can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits.

4. Write a List. having list of everything you think you want to take not only helps you remember what you need but also encourages you to think about everything you might want.

I hope these tips helped! What are your tips for packing for a weekend away?

Until next time,